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   An initial page for HTML to PDF conversion for others to improve.

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= How to convert HTML or XHTML to PDF =

Apache FOP is an XSL-FO processor. If you want to convert HTML to PDF you need 
to convert it to XSL-FO first, before FOP can do anything for you. There are 
several possible approaches:

 1. Start with XML and create a separate XSLT that converts the XML to XSL-FO 
instead of PDF. That's probably the best approach if the original data is 
available as XML.

 2. Convert the HTML to XHTML and convert the XHTML to XSL-FO using XSLT.

  /!\ FOP currently doesn't support automatic table-layout. Column widths have 
to be specified.

 3. Convert the HTML to XSL-FO directly using some specialized tool (check out 
the ''Tools'' section below).

(!) '''''Add additional content (additional ideas, pitfalls, etc.)!'''''

== Tools ==

 * [ Links to related 
 * [ JTidy]

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