Date: 2005-02-07T01:00:23
   Editor: JeremiasMaerki
   Wiki: XML Graphics Wiki
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   Changes following Glen's feedback and my answer to it.

Change Log:

@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@
 6.1 When a new subproject proposal is submitted to the PMC, it may be accepted 
-by a two-thirds vote of the PMC.
+by unanimous vote of the PMC.
 6.2 A subproject may be removed by unanimous vote of the PMC, subject to the 
 approval of the ASF board. 
@@ -170,36 +170,7 @@
 include participating in mailing lists, reporting bugs, providing patches and 
 proposing changes to a product.
-7.2 In order to ensure that all code contained in the Apache XML Graphics 
-project's code repository is free of licensing, intellectual property and 
-issues, any developer wishing to contribute a new feature to one of the 
-must either sign:
-a) If contributing as an individual, sign the "Individual Contributor License 
-   Agreement (CLA)" ( and file a copy 
-   with the Secretary of the Corporation; or   
-b) If making the contribution as part of their employment responsibilities, 
-   the "Corporate CLA (CCLA)", 
-   and file a copy with the Secretary of the Corporation.
-7.3 If the contribution in question is a small bugfix, the contributor need 
-sign a CLA, but need only provide the following information, attaching it to 
-communication containing the patch:
-a) Name and employer 
-b) Are you the author of the code being contributed? 
-c) Do you have the right to grant the copyright and patent licenses for the 
-   contribution that are set forth in the ASF v.2.0 license 
-   (
-d) Does your employer have any rights to code that you have written, for 
-   example, through your contract for employment? If so, has your employer 
-   you permission to contribute the code on its behalf or waived its rights in 
-   code? 
-e) Are you aware of any third-party licenses or other 
-   restrictions (such as related patents or trademarks) that could 
-   apply to your contribution? If so, what are they?
-7.4 Contributors who make regular and substantial contributions may become 
+7.2 Contributors who make regular and substantial contributions may become 
 committers as described below.
@@ -237,8 +208,7 @@
 8.6 An inactive status will not prevent a committer committing new code 
 or posting to the mailing lists. Either of these activities will automatically 
-re-activate the committer for the purposes of voting, and necessitate their 
-addition to the PMC mailing list.
+re-activate the committer for the purposes of voting.

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