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   Thoughts on spanned cells.

Change Log:

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-'''TODO''' Think about spanned cells.
+=== Spanned cells ===
+A border line of a spanned cell may be adjacent to several neighbouring cells 
which may have different border widths. When doing border resolution this means 
you can't look at already spanned cells but only at cell slots. This has also a 
consequence for border painting depending on the painting strategy (see above). 
If strategy 1 is used the LM has to create separate areas for borders if a cell 
is spanned. The border traits cannot simply be set on the normal cell areas.
+As the image above suggests the padding rectangle cannot simply be calculated 
using the cell's own border properties. If we'd do that the content rect might 
overlap with a border line producing ugly results. This means that the padding 
rectangle has to be calculated from the already resolved borders. The effective 
border width for this calculation is half the width of the widest border line 
in a segment.
 === Reference ===

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