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   Notes on row spanning and collapsing border model

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 == Notes on row spanning ==
+Layout for a cell spanning in row direction has to be started on the first row 
it occupies. The idea to defer layout to the last row occupied by a cell won't 
work since in the mean-time a page might be full and some of the content may 
already be needed on that page. That means that for collapsing border model the 
start and end borders for each grid unit have to be determined prior to 
starting layout (getNextBreakPoss) in the first row occupied by a cell. Each 
grid unit may have its own border and the widest of the border segments 
determines the left and right indent for the content rect. This makes it 
necessary to do a prefetching of rows in the body LM. For each of the 
prefetched rows the grid units are set up and the start and end border segments 
of each grid unit determined. The before and after border segments are later 
determined (and sometimes redetermined) during layout because these borders may 
depend on break decisions.
 == Illustrations ==

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