Date: 2005-03-01T07:25:24
   Editor: JeremiasMaerki
   Wiki: XML Graphics - FOP Wiki
   Page: PageLayout/InfluencingFeatures

   forgot before floats

Change Log:

@@ -30,6 +30,10 @@
 Footnotes use up BPD and grow upwards from the bottom of the available BPD.
+== before floats ==
+Before floats use up BPD and grow downwards from the top of the available BPD.
 == last-page layout ==
 When the the flow runs out of FOs the last page is reached and the current 
page should be converted to the last page and re-layouted. If the last page 
provides less BPD than the next-to-last page it may be that the last page 
actually overflows. (In this case the now next-to-last page should probably be 
again re-layouted with the previous page-master but with the available BPD of 
the last-page (to get the headers and footers right.)

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