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But there is still problems with cyrillic PS Type1 (pfb). This trouble
is a same as I've described at 16apr ("Problems with i18n and fonts at
FOP 0.18.1") and Tore Engvig's answer (17apr):

> 1) For embedding cyrillic Type1 I see whitespaces instead of cyrillic
> characters in output PDF. (without my mapping adjustment (i.e. just to
> use the native charlist.xml), I see the hashes "#").

(Tore)> I think it's possible to this but it would require some (a lot
of) manual work. I'm a little unsure about how to do it, but will look
at it.

Seems like I was a little to quick there... It's not possible today, but
it's relatively easy to change fop so it's possible.
The font class implementing the type 1 font (ie a subclass of
SingleByteFont) would have to override the mapChar method to return the
correct mapping for the font. It would also have to return a correct
encoding in the encoding method (encoding using /Differences I think).
To enable encoding using /Differences I suppose you would have to change the
toPDF method in the PDFFont class.

All this could of course be handled by adding the correct encoding in the
fonts metric.xml file (ie by adding bfentries the same way as with truetype
cid fonts) and implementing this in the SingleByteFont class.

Then the problem is to read the encoding from the fontfile. pfm files
doesn't contain the encoding. There is a byte (or int?) in the pfm file to
indicate encoding, but I've no idea what the different numbers mean. I guess
that the encoding attribute in the pfm files wouldn't suffice anyway because
many fonts probably don't use a preregistered encoding. The only way to get
correct encoding is to read the .pfb file. If you want to create a PFBReader
you're more than welcome :)

While we're at it: this would only work for singlebyte type 1 fonts. The big
Type0 CJK fonts are still unsupported. So if you're really ambitious, a
converter from type1 (and type 0) to opentype fonts would be a nice thing :)


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