Kelly and Arved, thank you your comments. 

> At 01:56 PM 6/12/01 -0600, Kelly Campbell wrote:
> >I seem to remember fixing some of the possible problems in a more recent
> >release. And I know Keiron or Arved also fixed a problem with a static page
> >numbering variable that would cause problems like that.
> To be exact, the fact that page-number was static was changed, precisely 
> because it _was_ a problem in multi-threading. This broke page-numbering 
> state across page-sequences, and still remains to be handled (obvious way is 
> to pull logic up into Root).

That was probably runningePagNumberCounter. I'll see if this is enough.

> Try 0.18.1 and see if it works better for your application.

Big adventure to try to recreate my changes there.

> One approach for tracking down strange problems when running multiple
> threads is to look for any non-final static class variables. These are
> likely candidates for problems like that.

So I found a few candidates:
- Configuration stuff (unlikely to cause problems, but inhibits using
  different configurations at the same time, right? Maybe it's time to
  have another look at Avalon.)
- MessageHandler stuff (similar to above)
- FopImageFactory m_urlMap (Maybe. I've had some error message with
  images but that could be my special URL type)
- ImageReader formats (no real candidate, but the variable should be
  filled in a static block, not in the constructor)

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