For what it's worth I have seen *exactly* the same problem with 0.18-DEV-1

If I jumble the heights around I can get the second column (which is five 
short lines) to stay on the first page but quite often I create an fo file
with one or more lines from the second column on the second page.)

Sorry I can't be more helpful.


--- kfricovsky <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > Hi.
> I'm trying to create a PDF with two columns, using <fo:table> Like so...
> ----------------
> |      |       |
> |      |       |
> |      |       |
> |  a   |   b   |
> |      |       |
> |      |       |
> |      |       |
> ----------------
> I am nesting <fo:block> and other <fo:table>, as well as external
> graphics inside both column A and column B.
> The problem I am having is that for some reason, the content in column B
> is breaking onto a second page even though there is plenty of room for
> the content. Vertically, column A actually extends farther down the page
> then column B, but column A doesn't break.

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