Hello *,

I just tried FOP 0.19 on JDK 1.4.
The imbedded Crimson parser caused trouble.

So I switched back to JDK 1.3.
Everything is fine with crimson-1.1 from 30-Jan-2001,
but not any more with the recent nightlies.
Everything is fine with xerces-1.2.3 that is bundled with the fop
Trouble again with xerces-1.4.

The FOTreeBuilder runs into NullPointerExceptions.
That's most probably because the default behavior of the parsers changed.
   public void startElement(
      String uri,
      String localName,
      String qName,
      Attributes attributes )
localName now is empty.
By the same token, Attributes.getLocalName() now returns an empty String.

Perhaps the feature http://xml.org/sax/features/namespaces should be set to
And how about introducing JAXP?

Jens Thieler

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