1) I reproduced the problem with jakarta-avalon xdocs and fixed it.
jakarta-avalon-phoenix looks to be be the same problem as jakarta-avalon
xdocs, also jakarta-avalon-cornerstone.

2) 2 problems that kept xml-xalan dist from building are fixed.

3) I can't seem to build xml-fop:
Compiling the sources
    [javac] Compiling 133 source files to E:\xml-fop\build\classes
    [javac] E:\xml-fop\build\src\org\apache\fop\image\ImageArea.java:64:
us class: org.apache.fop.layout.InlineArea and
    [javac] public class ImageArea extends InlineArea {
    [javac]                                ^
    [javac] E:
Package org.apache.batik.swing.svg not found in import.
    [javac] import org.apache.batik.swing.svg.*;
    [javac]        ^
    [javac] E:
Package org.apache.batik.swing.gvt not found in import.
    [javac] import org.apache.batik.swing.gvt.*;
    [javac]        ^
Terminate batch job (Y/N)? y
I assume I'm doing something dumb...  perhaps the fop folks can help?
build codegen seems to succeed, but it is rather too fast, so I fear it's
not doing anything.

4) I can not reproduce the problems you are having with xml-xalan1.  I
thought at first the problem might be with having xalan2 on the classpath,
but I tried that also, and still can not reproduce the problem.

5) As far as I can tell, the castor failure is not xalan related.

6) All the other failures look to be prereq failures, so we'll have to find
out if there's more behind this.


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