Title: FOP - arbitrary page break
I have had the same problem. Downloading a newer cvs-file I got rid of this problem. Now there are others...
Andrea Greiner
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Betreff: FOP - arbitrary page break

Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone has encountered a similar problem. I'm using FOP 0.18.1 on a W2K machine and am running into serious difficulty (getting absolutely infuriated) when it comes to page breaks; I've using a nested table within a table to organise the document structure and FOP keeps putting in a page break about 2/3's of the way down the page. I just can't work out why, is it a bug or (more likely) my gross incompetence?

I've tried absolutely everything, although am pretty sure it's related to multiple <fo:block>s within a <fo:table-cell> element. I've attached the file if anyone's interested in helping me keep my sanity.


James Williamson

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