I agree, when big patches are involved, for some reasonable definition of "big".

I think Alex McLintock's suggestion is best - we have 2 lists, one for users and
the existing one for developers only. Smaller patches, I think, should still go
to the fop-dev list; my reasoning here is that committers are not necessarily in
a position to commit instantly or even in a couple of days. If it's on a list
then at least individual developers can apply it themselves right away if they
wish. We also have better history, archiving support, visibility and
non-repudiation if it goes to a list vice going to a number of personal email

What's a reasonable value for "big"? More than 5K or 10K, perhaps. I get a fair
amount of email, and judging by that 5-10K emails are not unreasonable.

If the patches are quite large, maybe the best thing to do is to notify the
fop-dev list, and wait for a committer to claim the patch; then it can actually
be sent directly to that one person.

Arved Sandstrom

Quoting "Seshadri G.K." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> On the contrary, I feel patches/fixes shouldnt be posted to the entire
> mailing-list. Probably all the committers should have one alias, and one
> could use that. Big patches like the one I have made will waste a lot of
> bandwidth being forwarded to thousands of people.
> seshadri
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> Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2001 10:00 PM
> Subject: Re: Re[2]: Out of Memory Error
> > Quoting Eugene Nedzvetsky <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> >
> > > No, thanks . I will receive this copy from CVS,when it will appear on
> > > CVS.
> >
> > I'll be back home on Sunday (the 24th). It's unlikely that I'll commit it
> on
> > Sunday evening, but it won't be any later than Monday.
> >
> > I'd say that under typical circumstances it's best to post material for
> > potential commits right to fop-dev; that way any available committer can
> pick
> > up, and we avoid situations like the current one, where I'm restricted to
> > webmail for 7 days.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Arved

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