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> Hi All, 
> Tell me to RTFM but is it possible to 'pad' inline elements, I'm trying to
> achieve something like this:
> Name:         Mr Fred Bloggs
> using something like this:
> <fo:block padding-right>
> Name
> <fo:inline>
> Mr Fred Bloggs
> </fo:inline>
> </fo:block>
> I've tried all the tricks I know, padding-left, padding-right, margin-left,
> and even tried a criminal ugly hack by using white spice but even that gets
> gobbled up. From what I've read the inline element is purely used to change
> the formatting of the text, it cannot influence position? I could use
> tables
> but curiosity's taken over now.
> Anyone got any ideas?

I would suggest investigating the use of fo:leader. There are several different 
options by which you can use that to get a run of spaces - "leader-pattern" set 
to "use-content" with no children of fo:leader will do that, as will (naturally 
enough) "leader-pattern" with a value of "space".

Arved Sandstrom

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