Hello Keiron! :-)

On the 22d of June you wrote:
>The current cvs code should address you problems with images and relative
>I haven't tested it extensively but hopefully it should work now.
Sorry, no time to test it either (no time even to sleep propelly ;-)
But my twopence into the discussion (i do not know a good solution to
the problem myself):
Looks like with the present code if we have a "file:images/a.gif"
in the .fo file, then fop will first try the "images/a.gif" file
relative to the current dir (whatever it is durint the build process)
and if it finds "images/a.gif" it will except it. But: it may be not
the same file as "baseDir" + "images/a.gif" :-(

The thing may cause confusion and wrong results in certain cases.
Unfortunantly the only solution that i can invent is to get
the protocol part of the HREF, check if it is "file", if yes,
construct a File object and call ".isAbsolute()" on it

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