Speaking of sending things to mailing lists.

I think we should make the move of getting a fop-user mailing list and
keeping the fop-dev list of development (and someone else suggested it to
me too).

So here's my vote:

for fop-user list.


On Fri, 22 Jun 2001 19:04:17 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I agree, when big patches are involved, for some reasonable definition of
> "big".
> I think Alex McLintock's suggestion is best - we have 2 lists, one for
> users and
> the existing one for developers only. Smaller patches, I think, should
> still go
> to the fop-dev list; my reasoning here is that committers are not
> necessarily in
> a position to commit instantly or even in a couple of days. If it's on a
> list
> then at least individual developers can apply it themselves right away if
> they
> wish. We also have better history, archiving support, visibility and
> non-repudiation if it goes to a list vice going to a number of personal
> email
> addresses.

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