PDF-Documents generated by FOP 18 do no longer contain any plain text. Instead, 
everything is encoded as a stream. Since we run FOP in a host-enbironment, but want to 
use the generated documents under MS-/Windows, this causes severe problems: FOP uses 
platform encodiung (EBCDIC), then encodes the stream data by ASCII-85 or ASCII-Hex 
into different EBCDIC-Characters. Once the generated document has been transferred to 
MS Windows (with correct transformation of the encoding from EBCDIC to ASCII), the 
Acrobat Reader decodes the Hex-Data. The result is the originally generated EBCDIC, 
which is of no use for Acrobat.

This begavior is different from prior versions of FOP (eg. FOP 16). Is there any 
possibility to instruct FOP to use plain text encoding like before?

Best regards and thanks in advance

Ralf Scholle

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