My question yesterday about fonts was raised because I (and my boss) didn't
like the way the sans-serif font appears on screen (See Fig. 1). Today I
experimented with the AWTRenderer and replaced the code which made use of
the AttributedCharacterIterator with the simpler drawString call, in the

public void renderWordArea(WordArea area) {


        graphics.drawString(s, rx / 1000f,
                           (int)(pageHeight - bl / 1000f));



To my surprise, the text was rendered completely differently (fig 2). It
looks much better. Why is this?
There are downsides, presumably because I've hacked the code: the words are
not spaced out correctly. Some have too much space between them and the
larger text has too little. Is each word slightly the wrong size?
When printed the problem is not so severe.

I am happy to use this hack, but if possible I would like the word spacing
to be better. Could someone explain what is going on here?

I'm using 0.18.1 with org.apache.fop.render.awt.* from 25th May. (Could this
be the problem?)



<<attachment: fig1.jpg>>

<<attachment: fig2.jpg>>

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