This issue seems familiar. I seem to remember working around something
similar with redirects when we went from Xalan1 to Xalan2 in the FOP build.
Make Xalan2 do "the right thing", and we'll fix our build if there's an
issue because it was relying on a bug in something else we import. 

I'm glad Gump is helping us identify problems like this before releases get
sent out. I haven't been reading release notes on Xalan2, but this change
sounds like something that should be highlighted since it can actually break
people using the redirect extension like the FOP build.


> -----Original Message-----
> Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 3:14 PM
> Cc: Fop-Dev
> Subject: Problem with Redirect patch for fop codegen
> >   +      Result outputTarget = transformer.getOutputTarget();
> >   +      if ( (null != outputTarget) && ((base = 
> outputTarget.getSystemId
> ()) != null) ) {
> >   +        base = urlToFileName(base);
> >   +      }
> For the moment I need to comment this out in order to get the 
> fop codegen
> to work.  We can enable it again as soon soon as we can get 
> the fop folks
> to modify their stylesheets.  There's always the chance that 
> I'll screw
> someone else up in the gump chain my doing this, so I'm not 
> sure what the
> best answer is.
> -scott

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