I'm using FOP 0.19. My FO contains:
  <fo:external-graphic src="http://myhost/test.bmp"/>

The problem is, host "myhost" requires form based authorization and holds
session with cookies. so I get not "test.bmp" but a html page with the
authorization form. FOP now tries to instantiate
org.apache.batik.dom.svg.SAXSVGDocumentFactory and because I don't want "batik.jar" in 
my classpath I get a

Now the question: Is it possible to switch off usage of any class in
batik.jar ? If the HTTP request doesn't deliver the BMP but an HTML page I don't
want the image to be displayed. Or better: does anybody know a way how to login
first and make FOP to use the session with the cookie for HTTP connections ?

Thanks for your answer(s) in advance.

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