At 10:05 AM 6/27/01 -0400, Chetan Vig wrote:
>Hi Arved,
>The page numbers are being reset to "1" at every <chapter> (ie. each
>This was not the behaviour under fop-0_17.  The page numbers just
>continued sequentially along from 1 to N and not being reset
>to "1" at each <fo:page-sequence>.
>I am doing something wrong.

Hi, Chetan

No, _you_ are OK. We screwed up the page numbering across multiple page 
sequences a while back. I believe this is now fixed in the latest CVS...I 
plan to tighten up what remains in pagination, and will review this also, 
but I think it's OK. According to my release plan proposal this morning 
(comments please :-)) we should have another release in a week, presumably 


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