At 12:08 AM 6/28/01 -0300, Arved Sandstrom wrote:
>A side-float becomes a child of the nearest ancestor reference area (I still 
>need to figure out what the hell the spec means by "reference area chain", 
>so this may change). This will usually (but not always) be a column area 
>within a span area within a main-reference-area. The location of the anchor 
>will determine the current ("nearest") ancestor reference area.

OK, I determined what is meant by reference-area-chain in this context. The 
sequence of normal-flow-reference-area (read "column areas") generated by a 
single fo:region-body are considered to be a "reference-area-chain" (there 
are other possibilities, in general).

According to the spec, an xsl-side-float area may become a child of a later 
reference area in the reference-area-chain. Now that statement is clear (I 
thought I knew what it meant, but I hadn't found the definition).

I am still wrestling with a perceived ambiguity (no, reading the CSS2 spec 
doesn't help :-)), so it will be a few days before I update the design 
discussion on side-floats.

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