On Wednesday 27 June 2001 13:35, Mikko Honkala wrote:

> > Dear FOP developers,
> it seems that there is significant memory leaks in FOP. There must be some
> static structures which keep collecting objects. Attached is a simple java
> program, which converts readme.fo -> readme.pdf 100 times in a row. The
> loop looks like this (see the whole program as an attachment): This loop
> eats about 2 MB of memory each iteration. It also slows down after few
> dozen iterations.

Hi, Mikko

I've known for months that you guys are working with FOP, and meant to touch 
base before this, to see if there are any avenues or opportunities for 
cooperation. Still, this is as good a reason as any to start resolving issues 
that pertain to your use of FOP with X-Smiles.

Can I ask what version of FOP you are using? Recent versions reflect memory 
buffering work done by Seshadri GK (not all of it yet...I have a last patch 
of his to commit, which is causing me some aggro at the moment); it may be 
that your use of FOP can take some advantage of that.

Arved Sandstrom
Fairly Senior Software Type
e-plicity (http://www.e-plicity.com)
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Wireless * B2B * J2EE * XML

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