Denis sent me this, I think it would helps you.


Here is example code that works for me (it should work for you also :-)

         Options options = null;
         String pathFonts = null;

         options = new Options(new File("userconfig.xml"));

         Driver driver = new Driver();



         driver.buildFOTree(createParser(), foFile);

I hope this helps you.

Denis Kranjcec

-----Message d'origine-----
De : Ricardo Coutinho [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Envoyé : vendredi 29 juin 2001 17:32
Objet : Loading userconfig xml file with embedded FOP.


The method to load a userconfig file has been removed from the driver class.
How can I now specify my userconfig file.
I checked out the class and there seemed to be no other method that would do

Can someone pleas help me on this.


Ricardo Coutinho

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