Hi wei,

wf> I work for the German Telecom.
wf> I am interesting in the Fop Product. I downloaded
wf> FOP018_1dev_src and then set the Classpath:
wf> c:\JavaSoft\Jre\1.3.1\lib\rt.jar;
wf> c:\JavaSoft\Jre\1.3.1\lib\i18n.jar;
wf> c:\JavaSoft\Jre\1.3.1\lib\jaws.jar;
wf> D:\Apache_FOP\FOP018_1dev_src\Fop-0.18.1-DEV\fop.jar;
wf> D:\Apache_FOP\FOP018_1dev_src\Fop-0.18.1-DEV\lib\ant.jar;
wf> D:\Apache_FOP\FOP018_1dev_src\Fop-0.18.1-DEV\lib\w3c.jar;
wf> D:\Apache_FOP\FOP018_1dev_src\Fop-0.18.1-DEV\lib\xalan-1.2.2.jar;
wf> D:\Apache_FOP\FOP018_1dev_src\Fop-0.18.1-DEV\lib\xalan-2.0.0.jar;
wf> D:\Apache_FOP\FOP018_1dev_src\Fop-0.18.1-DEV\lib\xalanj1compat.jar;
wf> D:\Apache_FOP\FOP018_1dev_src\Fop-0.18.1-DEV\lib\xerces.jar;

You don't have to set the jars from the jre in the classpath. Have you
added  the Fop Directory where the fop.bat file lies to the Systempath

so long

Ingo Bruell

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