--- Braniganz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: >     Hi,
> I need transform a XSL-FO file to a PDF file.
> I am a beginner in Java, the next code would be correct? What have I to
> change?

I really don't think this is the right mailing list to help you learn Java.
I try to be really helpful but since you know you are a java beginner why
don't you concentrate on learning Java first.

a) Have you tried this code? If so then why didn't you post the errors you get?
b) Do you know what an InputStream is? in particular a FileInputStream?
c) Have you looked in the examples directory? 
   in particular the docs/examples/embedding directory?
   You may find the FopServlet.java a useful example, (if you ignore the fact
   that it is a servlet)
d) You didn't say what version of FOP you have.



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