Since XSLT requires XML input, you may want to convert your HTML to XHTML
with something like Tidy:

Also, there is an XHTML to FO stylesheet at:


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In order to convert HTML to PDF do the following:

1. Use XSLT to convert the HTML document to a XSL FO document. You can use
Xalan (it comes with FOP).

2. Convert the FO document to a PDF document using FOP.

FOP also makes it possible to do this in 'one step'. Have a look at the or fop.bat script in your fop directory.


 Abdul Wahab <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Hi >  > FOP can recognise only "fo" files.  Is it true? > My situation is,
I want to convert HTML files to
> PDF.  > So what are the steps I have to do. > Expecting ur advise. >  >
Thanks > Wahab. >

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