Title: RE: XSLTInputHandler not doing its job??
               I am sorry but I don't understand your answer. Do you mean that writing the word periodic in the !DOCTYPE is wrong? As far as I see in examples it is not (cf: www.xml101.com/dtd/dtd_intro.asp ).
Anyway, as a line command Fop gives the same answer with or without the DTD within the XML file, so I still have that problem.
If I did not get the point at all, would you please mind explaining me again?
Thanks a lot,
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That's not valid XML, when it says view source for full doctype it doesn't expect you to take that literally.
DOCTYPE's generally take these form:

<!DOCTYPE docroot PUBLIC "remote_dtd" >


<!DOCTYPE docroot SYSTEM "local_dtd" >

or (embedded)

<!DOCTYPE docroot [
        your embedded DTD

I'm no FOP expert but I'm sure I remember being able to configure FOP to tolerate XML (i.e. HTML) perhaps you could have a look at the source code for the FOP app.



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Subject: XSLTInputHandler not doing its job??

      as I said a few hours ago, I have the following code:

        InputHandler inputHandler = new
        InputSource inputSource = inputHandler.getInputSource();
        XMLReader  parser = (XMLReader)
* Creates the driver telling it to write the output to a file.
        Driver driver = new Driver();
        driver.buildFOTree(parser, inputSource);
        File test = new File("test.pdf");
        driver.setOutputStream(new java.io.FileOutputStream(test));

In the second line, InputSource inputSource is suppossed to be the .fo file
after the processing of xmlInputSource by xslInputSource.

I am using as xmlInputSource and xslInputSource two files that I took from
the chap 15 of the XMLbible (attached).

Now, when the program tries to execute "driver.buildFOTree(parser,
inputSource);", I get the following msg and Exception:

"building formatting object tree
 WARNING: Unknown formatting object ^PERIODIC_TABLE
 FOPException: org.xml.sax.SAXException (msg: null)"

It seems to me that XSLTInputHandler is not doing its job properly, because
of the WARNING.

Again, if I run a line command with
Fop -xml xmlInputSource -xsl xslInputSource -pdf test.pdf
everything is OK, which tells me that there shouldn't be a problem with the
input files.

Does anyone knows how to cure this?

Thanks a lot,

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