The "force-page-count" property on fo:page-sequence is now supported, in full
(that means you can use 'auto', 'even', 'odd', 'end-on-even', 'end-on-odd' and


1. This is relatively untested stuff. I ran through a bunch of combinations, but
let's face it, proper black-box testing of the various "force-page-count" +
"initial-page-number" + page-sequence page count combinations results in a
*large* number of test cases, and I've only dented the surface. Expect bugs;

2. If 'force-page-count' produces an extra page, it will be a blank page. This
is unsophisticated, but if anyone can think of a better idea, let's hear it. :-)
You, of course, have access to the outer regions on this blank page using the
blank-or-not-blank='blank' conditional-page-master-reference;

3. This third point is related to point 2. The default on "force-page-count" is
'auto', and unlike a lot of other properties, this one doesn't mean "don't do
anything". In fact, 'auto' will result in a forced blank page (in this
implementation) fairly frequently. You need to account for this by having a
suitable simple-page-master available, basically one that is identified with a
blank-or-not-blank='blank' conditional-page-master-reference, or a default that
is effectively the same. If not, I cannot guarantee beautiful behaviour at the
moment. Basically you don't want a page-master that tries to pull in fo:flow
content being used for a blank page. If you have been using page-breaks you are
probably already OK with this.

Short fix for point 3: if you have lots of material (direct FO, or XSLT
stylesheets) change your fo:page-sequences to have a
force-page-count='no-force'. This will save you from having to deal with blank
pages if you don't want to. Again, keep in mind that 'no-force' is NOT the

Hope this property, in combination with 'initial-page-count', plugs most of the
remaining holes in pagination. The final big one, I believe, is

Arved Sandstrom

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