I'm intending to try to use Batik and FOP to convert graphics drawn with 
java.awt.Graphics2D to PDF, SVG, and 
PNG. I'm especially interested in generating PDF. 

The relevant classes appear to be:



1) I've seen these paths used in discussions on this list. But they are not in the 
source downloads. Are they old 
package paths for old versions that are no longer used?

2) Should I be trying to use the release versions of Batik and FOP? Or nightlies?
   Its my impression from reading the lists that important fixes have been getting 
done in this area. I don't need my 
app to be stable enough for production as I'm still developing myself. So it makes 
more sense to me to be on the 
bleeding edge reporting and even debugging what happens in the latest versions of the 
relevant FOP and Batik 
classes so that they work as well as possible in their future versions. 
   So does it make sense to go with the recent FOP nightlies? Kinda seems that way to 

3) Can one use the recent nightlies of Batik with the recent nightlies of FOP? Or does 
Batik need to be customized 
to be workable with FOP? 

4) What's the longer term plan with Batik and FOP integration? Will some of the code 
for doing these things be 
shifted btw FOP and Batik? 

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