At 02:43 PM 7/13/01 +0200, Keiron Liddle wrote:
>On Fri, 13 Jul 2001 13:40:27 Mads Soerensen - Interact wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Using FOP 0.19  I call Driver.render() and a PDF file is rendered,
>> great!! But the program does not exit like it is supposed to after
>> completing the render. In a previous message Keiron Liddle wrote that he
>> had changed CommandLine to exit after completion, how is this done?
>It is in the current cvs.
>It simply calls System.exit after rendering, in the CommandLineStarter.
>Hopefully we can have a new release sometime soon anyway.

I was hoping to give Seshadri a chance to get his stuff into CVS. How about 
we see what develops over the next week, and no matter what, do a release 
next weekend? That is the 21st-22nd.


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