The rudiments of fo:marker and fo:retrieve-marker support are appearing. 
Consider this a true "commit early, commit often" kind of endeavour; FOP 
doesn't break, the marker support should be transparent, and parts of it even 
work after a fashion ("retrieve-boundary" with a value of 'page', combined 
with some of the values of "retrieve-position"). But it isn't intentional at 
this point that any of it really _works_; consider it pre-alpha and untested.

I am focusing on a nucleus of supporting markers inside fo:block (the lazy 
but useful approach) initially. I plan to gradually expand that out to other 
legal parents of fo:marker. You will have noticed other stuff appear; this 
not only supports markers but should support other stuff also:

1) in 'layout': this is a utility class, basically. It 
supplies a verification method. I have never discovered a nice way of doing 
enums in Java, so I don't (we'll have to wait for 1.4 or 1.5, I guess).

2) Areas now have isFirst, isLast, generatedBy and returnedBy traits. Using 
them properly, or at all, is more a matter of Scout's honour than anything 
else, because of the way FOP is. shows how I am using them there.

Finishing off marker support should actually not require that much more 
effort; I'm hoping to have it done within the week. If you happen to be 
working in a particular FO that can have markers, please add the support code 
if you like. More the merrier. Making sure that the traits listed in (2) are 
properly set on all areas we generate/return is much more of a task, but we 
have to start somewhere.

As I say, everything should build, and existing stuff shouldn't notice any of 
this. Please let me know if that is not the case.

Arved Sandstrom
Fairly Senior Software Type
e-plicity (
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Wireless * B2B * J2EE * XML

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