FWIW the PCL renderer should not be keeping much in memory.
BTW earlier you had mentioned that the buf option slowed things down. I would expect that pipelining things would improve performance, has this been the case? If so, how much?
It seems to me that with the exception of a few details (like ID References, etc) FOP would be an ideal application for pipelining.
Keep up the good work,
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Subject: PDF serialization

Hi ho fops and fopettes,

I have had a look at the memory use of my modified-for-streaming FOP executable and determined that the primary memory constraint is now in the PDF renderer. Basically, because the PDF renderer keeps all objects in memory until the end, this obviously limits the size of the output document. I can't say if other renderers have this issue because I haven't looked.

I have had a look at the PDF renderer and I think it should be possible to serialize it with only a minimal amount of data being kept in RAM. However this will require extensive changes to the PDF renderer, because there doesn't seem to be a single point at which I can cleanly introduce the changes. Presumably these changes will be backwards-compatible with the current FOP since I don't want to actually change the code path, just make it so that the results are written earlier.

So I was wondering if there was someone I should be speaking with directly about the changes that I want to make, or if I should just barge on ahead and make them, damn the torpedoes pip pip old chap? I would prefer some guidance about this because I don't actually know anything about PDF, but the code is well commented.

Obviously my primary interest is in the PDF renderer at this stage, but I'm interested to know if other renderer writers are interested in my work?

As an aside: is there a style guide for FOP code? I must say I find the style and layout very confusing and I'm happy to clean things up as I go. At the moment I can't even work out what tab stop size people are using. (In my own work I use 8 character tabs with 2 character indenting).


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