On Mon, 16 Jul 2001 22:30:59 +0200, Karen Lease wrote:

>Hi all,
>"cvs [login aborted]: connect to xml.apache.org:2401 failed: Connection
>Sounds like overload on the host, but I've never seen that before.
>Apache wouldn't by any chance experiencing some kind of DOS attacks
>Any suggestions?

It looks like the CVS repository has moved to "cvs.apache.org".  This
is true for xml-fop and xml-cocoon2 at least.  I just use the anoncvs,
so I don't know about actually committer userids, but I'd assume that
all that has been moved over as well.

If you're a UNIX user and you just wanna change the CVS admin files
in your checked-out copy of xml-fop, use the following to replace
all refs to xml.apache.org to cvs.apache.org in the CVS/Root files.

[ This is sh/ksh/bash compatible ... something similar would need to
  be used for csh/tcsh ]

  cd xml-fop
  for i in `find . -name Root -print | grep CVS/Root` ; do
    cat $i | sed -e 's/xml.apache/cvs.apache/' > $j
    mv $i ${i}.orig
    mv $j $i

And change the entry in the ~/.cvspass file from xml.apache.org to

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