If you are going to be using this for a print renderer and you are going to
have it in memory why do you want to convert it into a jpeg.

In the AWTRenderer it currently renders the svg into a graphic if that
would suit you needs.

Otherwise you can simply use the batik transcoding interface to convert the
svg into jpeg, png. I'm not sure if it can return the data in memory


On Tue, 17 Jul 2001 09:10:43 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I'm looking at print renderers. Can this be done? 
> Input like sample
>       <fo:instream-foreign-object>
>       <svg:svg width="20" height="20">
> Generation of print renderer output is started by method 
> renderForeignObjectArea:
> - The foreign SVG object has rendered itself as image by Batik.
>       The method renderForeignObjectArea has to tell Batik
>       o the image format 'JPG', area size, resolution, ....
>       o the SVG tree passed by FOP
>       o Batik returns the image in memory.    
> - The rendering method inserts the image with required control info into
> the 
> output stream.
> Sounds quite powerful - is there such an easy way?  
> Johannes U. Anderegg
> mailto:Anderegg,[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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