On 16 Jul 2001 14:24:06 -0400, Art Welch wrote:
FWIW the PCL renderer should not be keeping much in memory.
It seems to keep the whole PDF document in RAM until it's closed. But I have worked out a sneaky way to pipeline the PDF without major changes, thanks mostly to the thinking time I got while spending today removing six cubic meters of debris from my house renovations instead of working :)
BTW earlier you had mentioned that the buf option slowed things down. I would expect that pipelining things would improve performance, has this been the case? If so, how much?
Yes, I found -bug to have a significant impact on performace after about 100 pages. Before 100 pages there did not appear to be a (subjective) impact. At this time I have not done any benchmarks but subjectively it does seem faster with pipelining, probably because it's allocating a lot less RAM (<10Mb instead of 64Mb for ~200 page documents) 
It seems to me that with the exception of a few details (like ID References, etc) FOP would be an ideal application for pipelining.
It seems pretty easy, given that I'm new to FOP I have had quite a deal of success! Tonight I intend to apply my ideas to the PDF renderer and if that works I'll look at the other renderers and then make a Plan to build a Patch. 
Keep up the good work,
Thanks for the encouragement!


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