Bonjour Jean-Claude,

That looks like the sort of problem I might be working on soon. I'll let
you know if and when I get it fixed.


GALLO Jean-Claude wrote:
> I would like to create a fo:table inside which a fo:table-cell contain
> another fo:table. Everything goes fine while you didn't set border
> attributes. When the included table has border attributes , the PDF is not
> well suited, the contained table and its border are painted outside the
> container table.
> Ii looks like the table class was returning a bad width (the height is
> correct).
> I suppose the problem is yet referenced, but I didn't read the 8764 mails of
> the list.
> I'm using Fop-0.19.0-CVS on Solaris and Java 1.3
> Did you have any plan to correct the problem ?
> My XSL sample :
> ..

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