Hi David,

I've had a look at your files. You're right about (2), and it's now
fixed in the CVS version (as of tonight).

However I think that you may have a slight misunderstanding of setting
up margins on the page-master and the body-region which is giving the
results you describe in (1).

If you use FO like this for your page-master, it should work better,
although with these values the header and footer text are right at the
edges of the page.
    <fo:simple-page-master  page-width="21.6cm"
        page-height="28.0cm" margin-left="2.5cm" margin-right="2.5cm"
        margin-top="0cm" margin-bottom="0cm"
      <fo:region-before precedence="true" extent="2.5cm"/>
      <fo:region-body margin-top="2.5cm" margin-bottom="2.5cm"/>
      <fo:region-after precedence="true" extent="2.5cm"/>
Note that the margin-top and margin-bottom values on region-body should
correspond to (or be greater than) the "extent" values on the
region-before and region-after FO. The margins on the simple-page-master
object determine the "content-rectangle" within which the region-body
and the 4 side regions must be positioned.
It's a little complicated; try looking at the diagrams in the XSL CR
specification in 6.4.12 and 6.4.13.

Hope that helps and happy Foppin'

Karen Lease

"David S. Dixon" wrote:
> Greetings,
> I generated the attached test.fo file in Java.  There were two problems:
> 1. The table overran the title (region-before) and page number
> (region-after)
> 2. The table headers cells got progressively narrower on each subsequent
> page

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