On 25 Jul 2001 16:44:47 +1000, Darren Munt wrote:
> As an interim measure, we decided to produce the FO file separately
> with another parser (I wont tell you which one, it will only make you
> cross)

We'll make wild guesses and get cross anyway.  You are using MSXML,
right? :)  [No need to answer.]

> and send this straight to FOP. This brought the total rendering
> time down from 30 seconds to about 17 seconds, which exceeds the
> saving observed by Weiqi earlier when using Saxon.

I realize that the time that is spent in XSLT vs. in XSL-FO is dependent
on the complexity of the original XML, of the XSLT stylesheet, and of
the resulting FO.  I could imagine a very simple XSLT working on a very
simple XML to generate a fairly complicated FO, as is the case for the
AllElements example.  Or it could be the other way around.  These could
change the proportions of the time wildly.  If you spend significant
time in XSLT, then using a faster transformer makes sense.
Unfortunately, there is no faster XSL-FO transformers that we can
substitute FOP with (the eval version of The Other FO processor---I
don't want to mention names to make you cross either---seems to be even
slower than FOP at certain inputs).

One thing I tested early on was to interface the XSLT results into FOP
in various ways: Stream, SAX, and DOM.  And there doesn't seem to be any
time savings I can wring out by using a DOM vs. an in memory string
wrapped up in a InputSource.  FOP parses whatever that's input again

Weiqi Gao

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