Hi all,

First up, I discovered this problem using the CVS version of FOP last
updated about 2001-07-25 02:00 UTC.

I have a table of about 4 columns and two sorts of rows. The first type is a
heading row with all four cells containing text (or an image) of different
heights with display-align="after". The second row type is (surprise,
surprise) a details row and of rather variable length.

As I want to have the heading printed with the details (of course), I set
keep-with-next="always" on the heading fo:table-row.

The problem is when this causes the head row to be moved to the top of the
new page, the display-align settings have been reset, or ignored, or

This is especially exacerbated when I have bottom borders on the heading row
as they are "all over the place" :-)

I can probably knock up a demonstration FO file if it's required.

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