At 04:24 PM 7/25/01 +0200, Keiron Liddle wrote:
>I have found a problem with page breaks. ie. break-before and break-after.
>Due to changes in block where it now uses the property manager it no longer
>handles the page breaks properly.
>It works if the block is directly under the flow but not for nested blocks.
>The code in the property manager only operates if the parent area is a
>The attached diff should handle it better.
>I'm not sure about the implications though. Why is there special stuff for
>Column and does that have any impact on nested blocks.

Hi, Keiron

If it's genuinely a page-break, then it doesn't matter what the parent is, 
you're right.

If it's a column-context break, then we need code that looks like what is 
(was?) in there, although in order to handle nested blocks it should not 
assume that the area passed in is a ColumnArea; instead it should search out 
the ColumnArea ancestor. We need the ColumnArea in order to figure out what 
column it is, for starters.

We'll get this right sooner or later. I'm hoping something like Peter West's 
Tree class will be the nucleus of a class that can quickly help us handle 
nested situations. Right now stuff is a hardcoded mess. As if that's news. :-)


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