Hi John,

I had the same problem a month ago I think we could put this in the offical

This was the respone I had from Denis Kranjcec and it works fine.

Options options = null;
String pathFonts = null;

options = new Options(new File("userconfig.xml"));

Driver driver = new Driver();



driver.buildFOTree(createParser(), foFile);

I hope this helps you.


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Envoyé : mercredi 25 juillet 2001 21:25
Objet : loading userconfig.xml programmatically

archive is off-line, can't find a fop-user list, project due tomorrow, same
old story...

Ok, I've setup a Type1 and TTF barcode font for use with FOP... updated
userconfig.xml... and have a servlet that is serving up PDF documents via
FOP.  My FO document has some barcode font references.  How do I read
userconfig.xml, in my servlet, so the barcode font will embed/render?

Can't find any doc or example of this.  I just started wading through the
code, trying to track it down from the  "Fop -c userconfig.xml" command line
type argument.

Options.loadUserconfiguration( strFile )        looks promising... is that a
typo in the method name?
Options.loadUserconfiguration( File )   creates ConfigurationReader and
starts() it
Options.loadStandardConfiguration()     is this called on "new Driver();"?
defaults to /conf/config.xml

Also, I'm pretty confused by the fop-uml documentation... it shows Driver as
having loadStandardConfiguration() and loadUserconfiguration()... but they
are in Options.java source file. Sup with that?  I know, when in doubt go to
the source<g>


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