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> I have 3 trouble areas regarding importing/using fonts with FOP 0.19.0-CVS.
> I figured it was most straight forward to test this stuff via the
> command-line xface first, then add it to my servlet.
> 1) For Type 1 font, font metric xml file builds but FOP generates the
> following error when reading the userconfig.xml file.  Of course the file
> does exist at the specified location.  The documentation makes no mention of
> whether FOP is looking for a Type 1 binary or ascii file.  Since I can't get
> past reading the metrics file I don't know if .pfa or .pfb is expected.

Fop is looking for a Type 1 binary (pfb) file.
I have no idea why fop can't find your font metrics file.


> 2) TTFReader has blown up an 6 different downloaded barcode fonts with a
> CMap error:

TTFReader requires a unicode CMap in the font, many barcode fonts are
broken. You can add a cmap to the font yourself using font software, e.g.
Microsoft Volt (http://www.microsoft.com/typography/creators.htm)

Another alternative is to use svg to create barcodes. This issue has been
discussed earlier in this list and I vaguely remember that someone posted
a good svg solution (or pointer to) for barcodes - better search the list


> 3) I can find no documentation on using imported fonts in my servlet.  I see
> the -c commandline parameter to specify a configuration file.  I looked at
> some of that code, Fop, and found the Options class and a few others.  How
> do I load conf/userconfig.xml in my Driver within my servlet?

Solution to this has also been posted to the list recently - maybe this
should enter the documentation and/or faq?


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