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> For my actual starting point I need to report element numerotation in a
> before or after area. 
> I suppose this can be handle by a hastable like solution. Every time an
> element is encountered, 
> the value may change and is reported anywhere outside the body of the page
> model (I know to do that in the body area). 
> So my need is very close to the XSL spec.
> Another need for me is to compute an embedded index containing, for choosen
> ancestor elements, small data (eg: a title)
> for each page of the PDF document the element is present. I hope Markers
> can
> help me to do that. That's like a Table of Content, but the table shows all
> the pages of the document and the elements which are painted on each page
> (generally the first one which appear on top of the page body). The table
> contains as many rows as the document has pages. 
> After doing that, I need to compute what I call a String page number
> (different from physic page number, the one displayed by Acroread) which
> behave like a chapter or subchapter numerotation (page : III.1.a, 
> or page : Also I hope Markers behaviour will help us to support
> such numerotation. So I will be able to build table (of content or indexes)
> containing the logical numerotation of the pages instead of the physical
> one
> (actual one). Is this last need seems to be outside XSL specification ?

I've attached a simple PDF that shows that some of the current marker support is
OK. The XML and XSL that create this file are in CVS, under
docs/examples/markers. I chose values for "retrieve-boundary" and
"retrieve-position" (and a particular selection of FOs) that I know work
already, fairly well - please don't assume from this that markers are ready.

I think this example illustrates one of your requirements. The last one you
mention, I am not sure that XSL handles this, and you said so yourself.

By the way, note that the example also demonstrates the property problem that
Karen Lease and myself were talking about - the children of fo:marker currently
have the properties of their original FO parent, not of the parent of
fo:retrieve-marker. We hope to address this soon.


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