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>I know I can get different headers for each page sequence, but I don't know
>how to make the page number flow on from the previous page sequence. Using
>initial-page-number would work, but I don't know how many pages are in the
>first sequence, and I also don't know how many pages are in the subsequent
>page sequence.

Hi, Tim

FOP now implements fully 2 properties on fo:page-sequence that are exactly 
what you need - 'force-page-count' and 'initial-page-number'. You will be 
the first known 3rd party tester. :-)

The _default_ behaviour of page-numbering is to already do what you want to 
do (the default behaviour of 'initial-page-number'). The aforementioned 
properties happen to give you extra flexibility.

Also check out the 'format' property...

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