On the subject of wether people should be using FOP in production yet.

People are using it and in my case I am very happy with the results. I
seems wrong to discourage people to use it for the simple reason that
the more people that try it (and use it in production) the more people
will know about it and as a result the more people will be interested in
helping to develop it further. The recent efforts to get the performance
issues sorted out are a case in point.

After making people aware of the status of the project and that they are
using it at their own risk (mainly of wasting their time when FOP cannot
do what they specifically require) it seems to me that the real issue is
to manage peoples use of the product so that new users are not filling
the development mail-group with simple questions that waste developers
time in answering.

The answer to this is to improve the web-site so as to make information
more readily available. The main things needed are examples of what each
version is capable of doing and the bugs that people find in each
version. Obviously users could get involved in setting this up and
contributing to it so it is up to date.


steve cameron
Fortis Clearing Sydney

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