--- Agnes Clarke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > Hi all,

> My problem is that the Windows ZIP format binary downloads are not available 
> any more.

And this is a problem how exactly?
> As I haven't been able to get FOP running on Windows ME system, I worry that 
> perhaps extracting the UNIX .tar files on Windows introduces subtle 
> corruptions. Could someone clarify why Windows ZIP downloads are no longer 
> available?

WinZip will extract tar.gz files without any problems as will many other
MS Windows archive tools.

It should be very obvious to you if file corruption occurs. Java will almost
certainly tell you. However my colleagues have just informed me that you
might just get a "Class Not Found" error instead. Perhaps you could explain
more about what your problem is (apart from using Windows ME that is :-)

Hmmm, I guess I better put this in the FAQ.
Hmmm, I guess I better fix the FAQ.


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