I've also had this problem -- you could try aliasing your servlet, or
alternatively adding a dummy query string on the end, along the lines of
?foo=bar.pdf. This seemed to work for me.


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 --- Alex Amies <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
> I have a problem with a servlet, which serves up pdf documents, 
> invoking the servlet twice for every time I request the
> url using my browser.  The pdf document is produced 
> correctly in both instances.  Anybody else seen this
> problem, know what it is, or have a constructive suggestion?

If you check the mailing list archives you will see that at least one person
has seen this problem (with IE I think) and can't find a way around it.
However I don't see it myself so it might be fixable.

> long sixty = System.currentTimeMillis() + 60*1000;
> res.setDateHeader("Expires", sixty);

This is the only bit I am worried about - how does this help?

Since you've mentioned servlets I'll throw my problem into the fray.

I've seen the content size problem (which you have correctly solved in your
but now I have a problem with a particular build of IE. Basically the PDF
doesn't appear -
in fact neither does acrobat reader....
The problem occurs on the IE version 5.50.4522.1800 and not with other IE5.5
versions, eg.

(Incidently the data is submitted to the servlet using Post - apparently
this is
the cause of the bug in IE)

Now I got so fed up with this that I tried saving the PDF file to disk and
then issuing
a redirect to the static PDF file. Hooray this works in the problem version
of IE.
Oh b(*&^(*er it no longer works in the older versions of IE.

I've tried the servlet "sendRedirect", I've tried a Location header with
relative and 
absolute URLs, I've even just tried a "Refresh" header. Nothing seems to

So folks - what are your servlet experiences....?

I feel like I'm going round in circles here. 

The one thing I haven't really done is to change the URL to end with ".pdf" 
Basically I can't create a class called "something.pdf" so haven't created a
with that name yet. I've tried servletname;stupidie.pdf but that didn't seem
to help.


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