To preserve the line-break formatting you can use the white-space-collapse
="false" option of fo:block.  For example:

<fo:block start-indent="72pt + 12pt">java_lang_Throwable<fo:block
space-before="0.6em" space-after="0.6em" white-space="pre"
white-space-collapse="false" wrap-option="wrap" background-color="#e0e0e0"
font-family="monospace" line-height="106%" end-indent="24pt" start-indent
="72pt" font-size="72%">
Line one
Line two
Line three


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 --- Romain Bourgue <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > I'm using
XSLT with FOP to
genarate PDF from XML files.
> In my XML tags I have text "pre"-formated (with break lines).
> When I put this text into a block, it turns all lines into one same
> block.
> As "white-space" is not implemented yet in fo:blocks I'd like to know if
> there is a way to keep my break line in my fo:block ?

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