> I am able to run the fo from command line and get the printed output.
> Now the next is to embed in servlet.
> I tried running this servlet from jbuilder.
> with the library pointing to fop.jar,xalan.jar xcerces.jar , batik.jar,
> buildtools.jar
> I run into following error.
> javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException: Namespace not
> supported by SAXParser

Try using "org.apache.fop.apps.TraxInputHandler". It lets you specify
the files for the input XML and XSLT and gives you back an XMLReader and
InputSource for use with buildFOTree(). That should allow you to skip
the buffering you do with StringWriter/StringReader (The SAX events will
get sent right through to FOP --> faster, less memory). I haven't tested
it, but that's the way it is done when you use Fop.java.

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