Steve Coffman wrote:
> We are very comitted to keeping all FOP and Cocoon releases in sync. When
> Cocoon changes Xerces and Xalan versions and JDK versions, so does FOP.

Cool.  By the way, I am monitoring and nagging those projects too on a
daily basis.  The ultimately goal is to enable people to step up with a
minimum of effort.  If there are regression tests I can run, let me know.

> We plan on making a new release of FOP this weekend, and at minimum we would
> also submit a patch to Cocoon for it to use the new API so the next release
> of Cocoon2 would sync with FOP.
> FOP underwent some major refactoring to massively reduce memory usage, and
> it might not be possible to make a workable deprecated API for backwards
> compatibility. (Mark?) We don't break API compatibility lightly, and don't
> expect to have to do so again in the foreseeable future. Sorry for not
> posting to Cocoon-dev earlier what was up.

Change happens.  Communication is key.

- Sam Ruby

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